Bia Goes to Europe + Why I Love Traveling

Once spring classes were out, I headed out to Canada and Europe for two weeks to visit my relatives. The overall experience was both refreshing and full of inspiring revelations.
Firstly, I’m realized how lucky I am to have a large family scattered around the world. Then I realized that distance should not keep family apart and that we should be doing the best we can to keep our roots grounded. It’s extremely important to know where you come from and understand your own background. I feel like a lot of people discard the idea that who you are extends past the life that immediately surrounds you. The things that happened before our first breath is part of our life.

Sometimes we think we understand life in other parts of the world solely by media. But we don’t actually understand. There is a difference when you see the world for yourself. Because through media, we see the world through someone else’s eyes instead of our own. For instance, my career path is driven toward helping others and making an impact on the world. And I always ask myself this, “How can I help the world if I haven’t experienced it?” This is why traveling is extremely important to my life. It’s more than sightseeing and vacation. If you allow it, the outward experience could morph into something inward and personal. While indulging yourself in a scene where life and culture are unfamiliar, you can learn a lot about yourself and how you find yourself in that spot. And sometimes, your experience depends on the context of your life in that moment.

In my case, I felt stuck in life before heading out to Europe. I felt creatively restricted and I was moody about unnecessary things. I felt like I was a cog in a machine just succumbing to the system. But when I really stepped out of that state of living, I found myself realizing that there is an endless amount of world out there to make me satisfied with my life. I felt daring and fearless as though my opportunities were endless. Which, when you really think about it, is true.


P.S. I launched my new blog domain at . So I’ll be posting things here for a while and importing them over until I get settled in!


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