Hey you, it’s me.

First things first, I’m sooo happy you made it to my little corner of the internet. After a long hiatus, I relocated to this new blog of a home. For the longest time I’ve been trying to overcome the initial fright of reigniting my blogger presence, but I’ve finally found my way (and my courage) back to my source of sanity.

I have a crazy lot of ideas and thoughts that I’ve been wanting to share with the world. So, what better place to start than right here, right now. Only recently have I started to truly embrace what I understand to be my purpose in life: helping others. So, my goal for this blog is to really reach out and make a footprint in someone’s life.

Here, not only will I be sharing beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content, but I’ll also be sharing with you all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. By that, I mean LIFE. By no means am I an expert at that, but trust that I’m an advocate of growing constantly as an individual. This is my step one, and I’d love if you came with me along this journey!

Don’t Judge Zone: If you’re wondering, my username CallofQT (call of cutie) is a play on the video game “Call of Duty.” I created in my younger days (circa 2007) thinking the name was clever, and it pretty much stuck to me until it became as valid as a form of identification as my driver’s license. But y’know. Gotta be loyal.